Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Play Wootman: Zero

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  1. Hey Tom, great video! Its always fun seeing other people playing your game. It also opens your eyes to issues that you dont really think of yourself when you play the game.

    First of all, to me it seemed like you were pretty good at it! You did alot better than many others that I've gotten to try the game out. I would like to comment on the dash-system, as it clearly was frustrating.

    The issue there for me, when I developed it was to find a balance with how fast you have to press the key the second time to activate the dash. At first, you didnt have to press that fast, but it turned out the character then dashed at times you didnt want it to, cause you were just taking babysteps forward, and that wasnt good. So is it is now, you have to press twice kinda fast, and thats really all there is to it. I've got to admit that Im not nailing it every time either, but the more you play around with it, the easier it gets. And in later levels, you wont survive without it ;)

    And here is a fast tip for Level 4, and the lift; When traveling from right to left, stick to the left edge of the platform when passing directly under the flower and you wont get hit.

    Thanks again for all the nice words, and for a great playthrough! I really enjoyed the video, and hopefully others will watch it to!