Saturday, June 6, 2009

Side Saddle 2 Development Blog # 2

First two enemies are complete, title screens created, trophy system implemented. I made myself work on these last two early on because

(a), when I get towards the end of a project, I begin to get tired of the project-- I get to the point where I just want the damn thing to be over with. Things that add to the presentation of the game but that aren't absolutely crucial to it, such as nice-looking title screens and a trophy/unlockables system consequently are not completed;

(b), a corollary to (a), when I have to go back and add a feature to multiple objects-- such as the detection of various trophy wins into each level's control object-- I often miss something or make some sort of small, silly, stupid, game-wrecking mistake that takes several hours to fix. Implementing it from the get-go prevents hassle later on.

I think the development of this game should be very quick-- maybe two weeks at most. The original Side Saddle took several months (from October 2008 to January 2009) to cobble together. A great deal of that time was spent figuring stuff out, fixing stupid bugs, and creating/scanning/resizing/colour the hand-drawn sprites. I hope to eliminate all three of those time-sinks: thanks in no small part to that first game, I've more-or-less got everything figured out; I don't expect to run into any bugs this time around, though I say that about every game that I make; the basic orb motif should take less time and file space than the first game's hand-drawn enemies.

Fingers crossed.

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