Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ultrageist Diary # 14

As stated before, levels one and two each feature two enemy types, a popcorn unit (low-defense, relatively low-offense) and a tank/sponge (high-defense, lots and lots of bullets).

Because I want level three to ratchet up the intensity, to be slightly more spastic, I'm not going to go the same route. Instead, I'm going to create two or tree units that combine popcorn-unit style defense (that is, units that can be destroyed with one or two shots) and tank-unit style offense (that is, a helluva lot of bullets).

While the same basic mechanic from the first two levels can and should be used (and abused) by the player, the third level should manifest itself in a less strategic, more reflexive manner.

Fingers crossed.

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