Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ultrageist Diary # 18

Changing the bosses from "gods" to "memories", with each memory given a somewhat obtuse title.

When they were gods, each of them went through a number of names-- first, nonsense names, intended to ape the sort of eldritch abominations you'll find in Lovecraft, then poorly-translated Esperanto versions of nonsense phrases, then joke names. The latter included Death Crab for Cutie.

With this current naming convention, the words on the screen have some kind of meaning without detracting from the mysterious atmosphere that Mr. Crane's wonderful music evokes so well. Puns and gibberish get in the way of the experience.

There's a danger, of course, with people investing too much meaning into these "memories"-- this isn't a story game, or one with any kind of deep philosophical theme. And then there's the danger of people being turned off by this naming convention, who would think it a bit pretentious or arty-farty.

Which isn't my intention. I'm just trying to make a neat shooter. Here's hoping I'm able to strike the balance.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow I'll see if I'm happy with these names and that third boss. If so, it's on to the final boss.

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