Friday, March 12, 2010

Ultrageist Diary # 20

Spriting for the final boss. I have to keep him in tune with the game's over-all aesthetic (blocky, symmetrical, very "sprite-y") and make him big enough to fill the entire width of the screen. Given the dimensions of the screen, this makes him very rectangular. The other characters, both enemies and bosses alike, are very square or circle, very compact, and the art style is fairly simple and uncluttered to reflect this. This boss, being so rectangular, needs some other shapes to break up that dominant shape, to make him more-- well, organic isn't quite the right word, what with the armour and everything, but less like a long ugly box.

Making a change to the third boss that cuts down the time required. I am, however, making the margin for error less forgiving-- i.e., taking damage will restore a lot more of the boss's hp.

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